Train from Venice to Bologna

Traveling by train from Venice to Bologna is a popular and efficient way to explore these two iconic Italian cities. Here’s an overview of what you need to know for this journey:

Train Operators

  • Trenitalia: Italy’s national railway company, operating the majority of services on this route.
  • Italo: A private operator that also provides high-speed train services.

Types of Trains

  • Frecciarossa and Italo: High-speed trains offering fast travel times and premium services.
  • Frecciargento: High-speed services with slightly fewer amenities than Frecciarossa.
  • Regionale: Slower, regional trains that are more budget-friendly.

Journey Duration

  • High-Speed Trains (Frecciarossa, Italo): Approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Regional Trains: Can take over 2 hours, depending on the service.


  • High-speed trains run frequently throughout the day, usually every hour or more.
  • Regional trains also have regular departures but are less frequent than high-speed trains.

Ticket Pricing

  • High-Speed Trains: Generally more expensive, but prices can vary based on booking time, demand, and class of service.
  • Regional Trains: More affordable, with fixed prices.
  • Advance Booking: Booking tickets in advance can often secure better rates.

Onboard Amenities

  • High-Speed Trains: Offer amenities like Wi-Fi, power outlets, comfortable seating, and food services.
  • Regional Trains: Basic amenities with second-class seating and limited services.

Booking Tickets

  • Tickets can be purchased online via Trenitalia or Italo’s websites, through their mobile apps, or at train stations.

Travel Tips

  • Seat Reservations: Recommended for high-speed trains, especially during peak travel periods.
  • Travel Documents: Always have your ticket and identification with you.
  • Luggage: Space available, but it’s advisable to travel light for convenience.

Arrival in Bologna

  • Trains arrive at Bologna Centrale, one of Italy’s major railway stations and well-connected to public transportation and other parts of the city.


The train journey from Venice to Bologna is not only a convenient way to travel between these two cities but also offers a chance to enjoy the scenic Italian countryside. Whether you choose the speed and luxury of high-speed trains or the affordability of regional services, this route provides a pleasant and efficient travel experience.


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